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Relationship Marketing

CRM architect

Relationship Marketing

Organisations that aim to achieve a customer-centric approach are focused on align marketing and sales under a positive organisational culture. 

A Relationship Marketing Expert helps focusing on every stage of the interaction of the relationship with clients.

CRM architect

Organisations benefit of a wide approach to CRM strategy. From enhancing sales processes to improve the customer’s experience. 

Analyze, design, and customize CRM solution to boost efficiency, get insights from customer data and improve business competitiveness.


Companies benefit positive cross-contamination: best practices and culture by outsourcing know-how.

I support entrepreneurs in their challenge to thrive.

I always start with why...

Are you still dealing with marketing?

You are not sure how to pursue your business marketing improvement or
you just miss resources to make it happen?

Let’s be frank: you are not alone. Small and medium businesses everywhere are squeezed between the rising cost of labour, the shortage of skilled people and the limited amount of financial means. 

The pressure to push digital transformation ahead, by changing workflows, review sales processes and improve leads generation is paramount!

Getting new clients is the effect of three parameters:

  • a remarkable Web-Presence
  • a enhanced Customer Experience
  • a great Product/Service mix

Govern all the them in shortage of skills and resources is a complex game.

Navigate Success: Customer Relationship Management for Medium and Small Enterprises

Antonio Specchia, your guide to Relationship Marketing brilliance.

As a seasoned consultant, I infuse emotion into CRM design, shaping groundbreaking methods that elevate customer experiences.

Join me with this book and celebrating the “Moments of Truth” where your business truly connects with customers. Let’s ignite success in your Relationship Marketing journey.

Some clients

Believe in better business

Efficiency in business lies on values...

Positive Reviews
days worked

Agile mindset

Applied to business problems

Create an environment that supports innovation and learning from both successes and failures

Embrace iterative and incremental approaches

Emphasises the importance of data and evidence-based decision-making

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