The Difficult Gift

Training is an area in which shortcuts are not useful when trying to achieve good performances. When you train yourself to attend a race, do you get shortcuts?

Training forces our capacity to go away from the comfort zone and it serves to improve resilience, strength and inner power. This happens when we train our body and, also, when we train our mind. Step by step, comfort zone will enlarge its boundaries while
training allows taking them over.

This experience could be difficult to achieve, but training works to overpass the comfortable limits. Training requires efforts and willpower getting tired, the body has to overpass its comfort zone so that muscles develop their strength. It doesn’t start at the beginning of trainings, overpassing the comfort zone is an instance which arrives late during training. The more you are trained the later it will happens, the wider is your comfort zone. By other hand, when you start a journey, the first step is almost the easiest to achieve.

When you hear someone saying: “the first step is the most important one!”, we would say: “but the last one it’s more important, that’s the one we need to achieve the target!”. The first step of a journey is quite easy to perform, as trips start easily. How many trips have been stopped too soon? The first step, yet important to do, is a decision-making signal. And, sometimes, getting to the decision to start is a great challenge for many of us, depending on the situation. Notwithstanding, making the decision to start is not enough to achieve the target. The first step is not of great value to the journey; the hard challenge of the long trip will be overpassing the weakness which will get you powerless around the midway.

Completing the journey and achieving the target depend on a complex made of choices, acts, believes and willpower.
Often, starting is not the hardest challenge we experience, but still committed against
problems, facing troubles, while getting tired, requires willpower and commitment to the
mission, which can work well if they have been trained.

Ask yourself: What is the biggest goal in my life? Am I well trained to pursue it?

In real life, people tend to get shortcuts to achieve goals. Winning targets easily, avoiding efforts, seems much better than spending hours becoming exhaust. Human’s habit naturally pursues to save energy facing several challenges. If, in the real world, experiences are like training, and they require facing up to problems all lifelong to win the life-race, do shortcuts help us in long run? Training with no shortcuts challenges us with facing troubles and overpassing them. The more trained we are the more prepared we are to overpass troubles, the more our value rises up: any difficulty along the way shapes us. That’s why being well trained to face the life-race is our unique possibility to win.
Becoming unique, being well shaped by experiences, and each of our failures, support our value improvement.

Nevertheless, being unique attracts strongly who likes you!
Becoming unique through failures, troubles, efforts and challenges outside the comfort zone can give us a unique shape: the gift of our own value!

That’s why you will look straight, chin up and no complaints!

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