Kiran Kandade

“Antonio’s biggest gift is his ability to ideate innovatively. The term “out of the box” was created for him. Additionally, Antonio has an excellent grasp on technology and is a people person extraordinaire – which is an unusual combination. It is a rare person who combines the gift of intellect with empathy and compassion, both indications of a high EQ as well. This is, Antonio’s USP. He takes the time to really understand a client’s issues without pre-judging or advising before getting to the root. His innovative instincts and extensive international experiences then come to the fore as he proposes solutions, change initiatives, and interventions that can help transform organizations while staying true to their positive core.

I am also fascinated by Antonio’s blog on his website where he writes stories with a lesson in his trademark pithy and succinct manner. Each a bite-sized piece of wisdom that comes from a keen sense of observation, perspective and the wisdom that comes from deep experiences. As an organization development professional myself, it has been my observation and conviction that some of the best solutions happen when an innate creative intelligence is combined with emotional and social intelligences. And Antonio has all 3 in abundance. “