Maria Pia Bognetti

We were in doubt: did people lose feeling for the blood donation problem or instead it exist a way to engage people upon a paramount health issue like blood donation?

Engage blood donors is not like selling a product, that’s why I had some issue in asking Antonio who is mainly a “marketing” person. But then we asked Antonio to talk to us about what was happening:
Our communication to donors was getting a very low result: booking for donations were below the required in order to plan the job of medical doctors, and blood donations were severely below the hospital needs.
That effects was to be working in “emergency” style, running after the few available people able to donate. Blood is paramount for hospitals, blood transfusion are a daily job and blood lack can infer serious damage to patients life.

Antonio helped us in correcting the communication style to donors but also to engage new potential blood donors. Antonio helped to change the method of messaging by implementing a new tool, but also changing the contents. The communication style we used was intended to give recipients all the available information but it was not effective. We understood how communicate extensively details was actually not effective in engaging people at all.

Antonio highlighted that nobody isn’t keen to spend time reading message if not engaged already.  The main challenge was to hook people first on the emotional level.

Creating interest with a direct, simple fast communication which will be easy to read and strongly sexy is what makes the difference.
People like to see what value they get in exchange.

We got how people engagement is based upon certain messages no matter why.

People like to be engaged, valuable, important, when people can see the “value” then they get interested, then engagement happens.

Here the value is mainly social: a small community can partecipate for a common, social, valuable purpose.

The value is also to be a blood donor and receive regular periodic controls and free blood test. If you are not a donor you have to take care by yourself and often pay for a medical consultancy.
Antonio helped us in designing the process of contact the audience, donors but also possible new donors. We wrote the communication again and we redefined the value proposition as orienteering of all activities and communication to our audience.

During the very first month since we met Antonio I can testimony a big leap in results.
Probably it wasn’t wrong to stop worrying about emergencies and rebuild the trust with our “clients” so that engage them even more.
We have a nation-wide well-known brand, but actually we discovered that we can let people know more about the “why”:  what’s the reason why everyone can donates their blood. To restore the participation of the community is now our main target, and we can achieve it better thanks to Antonio.