Ivan Porro

Ivan Porro SurgiQ
Being myself the person dedicated to sales and business development I’d say Antonio impact was and is still really huge on us.
First of all, he helped us reviewing our proposition, cleaning up mission & vision.  Plus, thanks to its expertise and tools, I’m now able to describe to my potential investors my sales pipeline, its prospect value, composition, time to client acquisition, stats and so on. While this may sound fluffy, I’d say that in fact, the most important impact was on my quality of work (and thus life): I’m less prone to forget a deal and mess up things.  Our company is B2B, and I have to track several kind of different leads, form a client which wants the product as is, to the potential partner who may help scale up in a diverse market. Plus research grants and of course any potential investment opportunity.  Before Antonio’s contribution, I was prone to mix-up things and people a bit, as there were simply too many things to follow up at the same time. Now I use his suggestions and the Pipedrive tool to make sure reminders and deadlines are in place, deals are identified and the mess my agenda was is now an organised set of information where – e.g. – all the persons belonging to a single company can quickly be related to each other and to deals, and emails are automatically tracked and linked to deals so I don’t have to spend time remembering which was the status of a particular deal or reconstructing its story before e.g. having a call with that person.
That saved time is well worth the effort (monies and time) to put everything in place, as the time it will save you is really huge, and the quality of your sales process will be benefitted a lot (e.g. don’t recall too early or too late on a contract closing, don’t stress clients and so on so forth). It is of course not just the tool, but the unique blend of expertise Antonio will deliver on top of the technology he provides.