Startup Valuation Made Easy: A Roadmap to Investment Success

Why is valuation important?

Company Valuation

We all know how valuation is important, your big dream comes true. Let's imagine you are attracting investors - you need confidence - you try safeguarding your finances while enabling your company growth. For this reason securing a valuation that reflects your company's effective worth is key.

That's the power of full understanding of Company's Valuation! How to achieve it?

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis: Predicting your future cash flow to estimate present value.

Comparable Company Analysis (comps): Benchmarking your startup against similar companies to gauge its worth.

Multiples valuation: Using industry multipliers (like price-to-earnings ratio) to estimate company's value based on performance metrics.

Interested? Come and we'll break down all methods with relatable examples, but first let's answer your burning questions:

  • How do I value my startup?
  • What are common valuation mistakes to avoid?
  • Are there free valuation tools available?

We believe knowledge is a shared asset, empowering you to make informed decisions is our priority.

How do I value my startup?

What are common valuation mistakes to avoid?

Are there free valuation tools available?

Value your Business

Expert Guidance in Clear Language

Providing insights in accessible language, empowering your knowledge to support the fundraising journey.

Actionable Strategies, Not Theory

Get practical solutions on your startup's valuation and prepare to sustain it with possible investors.

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A guide with expertise and clarity, prioritising actionable strategies tailored to your specific needs.

We’re here to be your seasoned guides, sharing expert insights in clear, accessible language. 

Your burning questions – how much money your startup really worth? But also, how to support that valuation with investors? You will get your answers, with actionable strategies and proved methods you can apply today.

As we delve into the method of startup valuation, you will get tangible benefits: proper presentation for investors, safeguarding growth, and achieving a valuation that reflects the company’s effective potential.

Our goal is to empower you with actionable strategies that genuinely improve your startup’s valuation. We are your partners supporting you on the way.

The intricacies of valuation matter, but so do your startup’s specific needs. This is a platform where knowledge is shared, language is clear, and the focus is laser-sharp.

Welcome to a partnership that blends


Leveraging our experience to empower your decisions.


Making complex topics understandable and actionable.


Sparking insightful conversations that fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.


Focusing on your unique needs and challenges.

Valuation Expertise & Collaborative Guidance


Navigating startup valuation can seem complex. Let us assist you as experienced partners, offering clear explanations without the jargon.

We’ll explain how strategic valuation can enhance investor appeal, breaking down the complexities into easy steps. You better be armed to achieve a well-negotiated fund raising.

Think of this as a collaborative journey.

We prioritise understanding your needs. We support your challenge, ensuring you become capable to discuss in a tailored way to your specific investors.


Expert partners to support the challenge of overcome valuation complexities, blending authority with accessible language.


Shared knowledge empowers tangible results: talk to investors by the proper language


Beyond expertise, empathy - understanding your challenge to provide support.

Valuation approach meticulously analyses key strengths


Seasoned part-time founders with top-tier management experience and diverse skill sets, operating cohesively in-house.


Strong connections with strategic advisors, legal experts, and a diverse shareholder base from crowdfunding and incubator/accelerator backgrounds.


Focused local presence with validated demand and a massive $2.1 billion Total Addressable Market, preparing for international expansion.


Minimum Viable Product with positive feedback, high level of interest demonstrated by LOIs, and strategic partnerships in place.


Differentiated position within a fragmented landscape, bolstered by regional IP protection and relatively low barriers to entry.

This comprehensive assessment reveals a business poised for success, ready to attract the investment it deserves.

Companies Valuation Made Serious


Equidam company's valuation

Equidam has established itself as the benchmark for company valuation in the financial market. With its functional and precise tool, your company’s value is now firmly grounded in objective assessment, free from subjective opinions.

Equidam valuation

How to negotiate your next round?

Will you be engaging in negotiations with angel investors or venture capital firms? How do you uphold the effective value of your company when faced with criticisms or devaluations of your achievements?

Get your Equity Valuation to negotiate your round

By thoroughly documenting your business achievements, assets, market value, and brand value, you can significantly enhance your ability to negotiate effectively with investors of any type.

Add Value to your Company's Valuation:

Enable your valuation process relying on a third party assessment: We Are an Independent Consulting Company  that support your valuation process with authority