Legal info

Company: Strategic Links London Ltd
Legal office: Kemp-House, City Road, London

Privacy Policy

Strategic Links London Ltd run this website and informs you that any data we receive will be used only by our self to just keep you informed about our services

Information gathering

If you would like to be informed about what we do and would you like to receive the newsletter we will ask you your mailbox.

Data Log
We could collect some data about your log in this website. There are no sensible data.

We could use cookies, if you wouldn’t get cookies, no problem.

Data safe
We do all our best to take care about any data we collect. But mainly we do not collect, store or manage any personal or sensible data. We are compliant to GDPR.

Other website connections
If some link to other website would be included on this website, please take care we cannot guarantee them.  Strategic Links London ltd has no responsibility for information and data of third parties.

Possible alteration
Strategic Links London ltd could alter data, information and privacy policy when it requires. If you care about it please check properly, but ask for written confirmation if it needs.