Have the rules been made to be broken?

Did you ever break a rule?

I do that (quite often) and from what I know many successful people also do that.  Are we all bad people?

Being able to avoid troubles and reach the goal is an essential skill of life know-how: the ability to visualize possible scenarios and make the right moves, one after another. In a business environment we can’t control all variables, and above that there are several rules to attend to. How can we be effective in achieving goals in a highly competitive, troubled environment?

We are all pressured between conflicting, highly demanding tasks and targets to achieve, yet time is never enough. What is the role of the rules? Rules imply everyone can act straight, faster, and safer. Without rules, we would need to check, negotiate, and agree on every step before proceeding any further. With a common set of rules, everyone would be aware of what to expect. Breaking rules could also become a criminal offense. When acting as antisocial or causing risk or damage.  Regulation serves to bring everyone under mutual respect.

There are cases where break the rules is necessary to achieve.

We can decide if  such a smash of rules imply problems, damage or risk to anyone else? There are case in which rules are not properly designed and avoid to stick with them doesn’t harm anyone.

My flight trouble: we all were waiting at the gate when a delay was announced. Passing the gate they wanted me to stow my luggage. No reason to make change the officier mind. My concern about the delay wasn’t considered a good reason to keep the bag in the airplane, they wanted me to leave it for the airplane boot. They labelled my bag and let me carry it to the airplane boot. There I developed the rule tearing: while walking to the plane I removed the label and I could keep the bag in the cabin. This little trick who harmed no one allowed me to run and jump on the next flight! Something I would never achieved if I should wait for the bag.

I cracked the rule, I acted a trick that lately saved my trip. The difference matters: no one suffered of it.

I will continue to avoid the silent acceptance and the damage that certain rules can do.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


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