Customer Relationship Management for Medium and Small Enterprises, the book.

Customer Relationship Management for Medium and Small Enterprises

Beyond just CRM

"If you are looking for a tech guide to implementing your CRM, don't buy this book!"

Relationship Marketing

CRM is Marketing Execution, a special kind of: focused on the relationship with stakeholders

Customer Experience

Doesn't matter what you say, customers experience what you do.

Sales Processes

Prospects are a special kind of stakeholders: the one that give sense to the business.

Customer Relationship Management for Medium and Small Enterprises

Strategy of CRM?

Relationship Marketing  is the framework.

Companies moment of true are the ones where service are created with the customer.

Focus effective attention on how to perform those moment from the very beginning of the sales process is getting paramount to win over competitors

To whom it may concern...

If you already suffer for a CRM challenge and you do not want to keep wasting your time, then this book will help you in clarifying how to approach  the CRM from an up-side down perspective: Technology comes second.

Technology only makes it better, your way of be on the market is what really matters!

Customer Relationship Management for Medium and Small Enterprises

This book brings discussion to the day to day entrepreneurship. Its approach is direct to the use, providing guidance on how to design processes and stages from the human point of view but empowered by technology when possible.

Book's Reviews

Paul Greenberg - CRM Expert.
A big name in the CRM space and noted expert on Social CRM.

Antonio Specchia is an experienced and intelligent CRM thinker and doer. And his book not only shows that but reinforces it. It is an excellent handbook for especially the small and midsized businesses in what CRM is, why CRM is important, who should consider it and even how to implement it. I highly recommend it because it gives any practitioner or future practitioner what they need to make CRM work – and that is something that we all need to know.   

Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light
Adrian Payne -Professor of Marketing at the University of New South Wales in Australia.
Professor of Marketing at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Finally, here is a highly accessible book, focusing on CRM for the small and medium-sized enterprise, written by a practitioner. The book is easy to read with minimum jargon. Appropriately, this book has a strong focus on the sales process and customer service – areas of priority for small and mid-sized businesses pursuing growth strategies. Author Antonio Specchia addresses key aspects of CRM implementation including guidance on the selection of a CRM platform. Recommended for the management of SMEs!

Adrian Payne, Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia- Author of the Handbook of CRM.

Áki Johansen - Head of Representation, Minister Counsellor.
Representation of the Faroe Islands to Israel.
“Organisations often struggle in running sales departments efficiently and effectively. The sales departments are the forefront of a company in the market. The place where relationships with customers are created, developed, and nurtured. Antonio’s book, focusing on the business-to-business area, connects the modern technology and the (old) human to human contact capability that is the core of successful (and not successful) relationships. Often forgotten, the logic that leads the execution is what should exploit the technological possibilities. And not the other way around. It seems that many people primarily focus on the technology rather than i.e., behaviours, beliefs and values that can help make a successful impact on customer perception. Antonio’s book tells us in a skilful way, why and how a strong strategy helps organisations to use the correct technology to optimise its CRM.”

Aki Johansen

Gregor Cuzak - Holistic marketing consultant.
Holistic marketing consultant.
  • Gregor, you said the title is wrong, what alternative title would you give to this book and why? Who is the best audience for this book, students, researchers, vendors or end-users?

Making CRM work for craftsmen and engineers

Craftsmen and engineers who struggle with taking off in their marketing efforts. Typically they know how to work with their materials and machines, but not how to treat theri future buyers.

  • The author suggests: “Everyone who is looking for a technical guide to implement a digital CRM in their company, please do not buy this book!” Is it serious that the book is not useful for newby?

I agree. This is not a technical guide. This book is an invitation into the marketing workshop, with a lot of hints on how to make CRM work, without hiding many dirty and messy details that are always present in real marketing and sales. It’s neither a theoretical book, nor is it a step-by-step guide for dummies.

  • What part has impressed you the most or brought you the greater value?

The style of writing is sincere, it’s not a professor’s high view, neither is the book made for people who don’t know anything. 

The book is best suited for serious and sincere craftsmen or engineers, who are experts in their field, but struggle to bring on more customers because they lack time and practical knowledge. Most CRM books miss where this book hits the bull’s eye for this audience.

  • Do you think just a piece of software may really affect a company’s impact in the market or CRM fever is nowadays more a vogue?

The software can be extremely helpful, but if used properly. Just like any other tool. An idiot with a tool is still an idiot. Whereas a craftsman with a good tool can be an artist. Software may elevate experts to marketing and sales heaven, but not on its own. Knowledge, skill and conditions need to be right.

  • What part of the success of a CRM adoption is tech and what part depends by logic and strategy, then from the management perspective?

80% is logic and strategy. 20% is tech. But proper work still is 150%.

  • What do you feel you may suggest to readers who approach a CRM for the first time and have to operate a choice?

CRM is an accelerator, not a creator. 

Ask yourself first: what can I create? If you are confident that you are a creator (craftsman or engineer) then go for this book. Or even better. Call Antonio. Take it straight from his mouth.

  • What would be in your opinion the best benefit of reading this book?

Increased sales on the basis of the AHA moment of why you first need to “get-it” and then “make-it-happen”.


Gregor Cuzak is a world recognised crisis management consultant in the healthcare industry

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